Request Rejected

Request Rejected

 As part of the trial concerning the miners’ unrest in June 13-15, 1990, the Supreme Court of Justice rejected the request of former Romanian Home Minister Mihai Chiþac who allegedly could not appear in court for medical reasons. The judges rejected the request after considering Mr Chiþac medical record indicating that his health allowed him to stand trial. Viorel Ene, president of the Association of the Miner Unrest’s Victims, said Mihai Chiþac could be accused of contempt of court. According to the ROMANIAN RADIO BROADCASTING CORPORATION, the defence of Mr Chiþac said its client was hospitalised along with his former deputy and other three colonels accused of being involved in the killing of four people during the incidents in June 1990. The trial was adjourned until February 19.

Sursa: Agentia de presa Rador, 23.01.2001

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