Miron Cozma paroled

Miron Cozma paroled

Yesterday Bucharest magistrates decided to parole prisoner Miron Cozma, almost 11 months before the end of his prison sentence was due. Prosecutors appealed against the decision. If Bucharest Courthouse decides the verdict setting Cozma free is correct, the latter will be free to leave Romania, which he himself said in front of judges. The same judge who last year had dismissed the solicitation to parole the ex leader of the coal miners decided yesterday that the detainee should be set free. Still he won’t be freed at once, because prosecutors appealed against the decision judges reached yesterday. The ex leader of the coal miners union claimed in court that he had obeyed the social educative programme in the Rahova prison, which he described as „thorough proof” that his behavior was improving. „I am wondering if this social-education programme settled in the law means something to prosecutors”, he said. It was his reply to the prosecutor insisting that the artistic, religious and sports activities the detainee participated in were irrelevant. Prosecutors were against the parole sentence and argued that the suggestion coming from the special commission in the Rahova prison was ungrounded and that Miron Mitrea proved no improvement. (…) Interdiction is possible As for his future plans, Cozma said he would settle down with his family in Timisoara, mentioning he was thinking about going abroad as member of an international workers organization. As there is no other criminal case against the ex leader of coal miners in Valea Jiului and as he is just witness in the case investigating the coal miners’ attacks in 1990, he will be allowed to leave Romania if set free. Still it is possible that prosecutors in charge of the miners’ attacks case should set an interdiction on him so that he can be questioned whenever the case. Judiciary sources claim prosecutors are likely to forbid him to leave the country. The victims of the miners’ attacks are enraged Viorel Ene, president of the Association of the Victims of the Coal Miners’ Attacks in Romania, has criticized the court decision to parole Miron Cozma, claiming the magistrates in charge of it have been politically manipulated and corrupted. He comments: „We are deeply disappointed with the successful corruption in Romanian Justice, proved at the first exam to be passed by Justice, now disguised in European uniform. To set such a criminal, such a terrorist free, is shameless.” He claims he has got information that Cozma’s freedom is an award he gets from the politicians protecting Ion Iliescu, due to Cozma’s pains to protect the ex President against investigators. (…)
Sursa: Bogdan Galca, Andrei Ghiciusca, Ziua, 10.01.2007

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